50 Years of Industry Leadership

Five decades ago, the commercial real estate industry was poised at the transition of private ownership and wildcatter developers to become a global, public, professionalized industry with increasingly complex ownership and financial structures. Early leaders of CCIM Institute, such as Victor Lyon, CCIM, and Jay Levine, CCIM, provided nationally accepted standards for measuring real estate investment returns utilizing time value of money concepts including the internal rate of return. By the early 1970s, IRR was written into all the CCIM designation core courses led by Stephen Messner, PhD, who was then at the University of Connecticut in Mansfield, Conn.

During the 1970s, IRR paved the way for commercial real estate professionals to navigate momentous changes such as the development of regional shopping centers, chain hotels, and suburban planned communities nationwide. Real Estate Investment Trusts began replacing real estate syndications as the premier public ownership structure for commercial real estate. Even 50 years later, IRR is one of many practical, crucial methods to manage the increasing complexity within the industry.

During 50 years of entrepreneurialism, exuberance, and excess, CCIM Institute has been a powerful presence, and CCIM designees remain stewards of the highest values of professionalism and ethics.


This year's Golden Anniversary celebration kicked off at the 2017 Midyear Governance Meetings at the Fairmont Chicago.

Download the slides from the 50th Anniversary Celebration:

50th Anniversary Celebration | April 1, 2017

50th Anniversary Museum | April 1-3, 2017

50th Anniversary Videos

CCIM leader

Jay W. Levine, CCIM

1967 President

Sheldon F. Good

Sheldon F. Good, CCIM

1974 President

CCIM leader

Palmer Berge, CCIM

1977 President

CCIM leader

Robert L. Ward, CCIM

1978 President

CCIM leader

James B. Baker, CCIM

1979 President

CCIM leader

Ralph W. Varnum, CCIM

1985 President

CCIM leader

Ronald L. Myles, CCIM

1986 President

CCIM leader

James F. Bell, CCIM

1988 President

CCIM leader

John M. Stone, CCIM

1991 President

CCIM leader

John J. Frank, Jr., CCIM

1994 President

CCIM leader

Jay R. Lucas, CCIM

1995 President

CCIM leader

B.K. Allen, CCIM

1996 President

CCIM leader

Daniel J. Page, CCIM

1997 President

CCIM leader

Dewey Struble, CCIM

1998 President

CCIM leader

Allen M. Feltman, CCIM

1999 President

CCIM leader

W. Duncan Patterson, CCIM

2000 President

CCIM leader

Darbin T. Skeans, CCIM

2001 President

CCIM leader

Cynthia C. Shelton, CCIM

2002 President

CCIM leader

Barry Spizer, CCIM

2003 President

CCIM leader

Pius K. Leung, CCIM

2005 President

CCIM leader

Steven R. Price, CCIM

2006 President

CCIM leader

Joseph A. Fisher, CCIM

2007 President

CCIM leader

Charles Mac McClure, CCIM

2009 President

CCIM leader

Richard E. Juge, CCIM

2010 President

CCIM leader

Frank N. Simpson, CCIM

2011 President

CCIM leader

Leil Koch, CCIM

2012 President

CCIM leader

Wayne D'Amico, CCIM

2013 President

CCIM leader

Karl Landreneau, CCIM

2014 President

CCIM leader

Mark Macek, CCIM

2015 President

CCIM leader

Steven Moreira, CCIM

2016 President

CCIM leader

Robin Webb, CCIM

2017 President

CCIM leader

Ruth Ellis

1967-1997 SVP

CCIM leader

Susan J. Groeneveld, CCIM

1994-2007 EVP

CCIM leader

CCIMs Hudson & Shindleman

1st course in Russia

CCIM leader

John M. Stone, CCIM

1st course in Russia

50th Anniversary Stories

Commercial Investment Real Estate will be digging into the history of CCIM Institute and the people who helped make it happen.

Nov/Dec 2017

  • Capturing Hearts and Minds

    CCIM Institute focused on enhancing training and technology during the early 21st century.

  • All in the Family

    Web Exclusive - CCIMs learn from the most valuable mentors of all – their parents.

  • Family Ties

    Web Exclusive - These husbands and wives found each other and success through CCIM Institute.

  • CCIM Secret Sauce

    Web Exclusive - CCIM education contributed to elevating the entire commercial real estate profession.

  • Moscow Pioneers

    Web Exclusive - A 1991 CCIM class in the Soviet Union opened the door to a new industry.

  • 5 Great Impacts of CCIM

    Web Exclusive - CCIMs reveal how the designation and the network changed the industry.

  • 50 Years of Significant Milestones

    Web Exclusive - Learn how CCIM Institute and the CRE industry have evolved in the past 50 years.

Sep/Oct 2017

  • Covering More Bases

    CCIM Institute branched out to recruit new designees beyond brokers during the 1980s and 1990s.

Jul/Aug 2017

  • Level Playing Field

    CCIM Institute develops technology to level the playing field between big and small companies.

May/Jun 2017

Mar/Apr 2017

  • Convergence of Excellence

    How CCIMs shaped the industry during revolutionary changes in the late 1960s and 1970s.

  • Warp to 2030

    Web Exclusive - This white paper was written and presented by John M. "Jack" Peckham III, CCIM #359, at the CCIM 50th Anniversary Celebration on April 2 in Chicago. He compared business practices when the Institute was born in 1967 with today's techno-centric business. Peckham then gave an update of "predictions" he made about the use and impact of technology on CRE during a CCIM Conference presentation back in 1995 at Copper Mountain, Colo. Last, Peckham launched into his vision of the real estate world in the year 2030.

Jan/Feb 2017

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Presidents of CCIM Institute

For five decades, CCIM Institute has been led by volunteers who have shaped the organization and industry.